Forss Wind Farm Extension

Public Consultation


Abbey Properties has considerable experience of renewable energy development; particularly in the installation and management of wind turbines. The company is committed to promoting and developing appropriate renewable energy generating projects in order to deliver sustainable electricity to meet the needs of Scotland and the United Kingdom. The company has been involved in projects within the United Kingdom that have delivered developments with a combined installed capacity in excess 100MW of renewable power. Abbey own the Forss Business & Energy Park including the land to the east where we intend to build the two new wind turbines.

Abbey Properties is in the final stages of design for a wind farm proposal of 2 turbines at land to the east of the Forss Business & Energy Park, approximately 9km north-west of Thurso. The proposed 2 turbines are presented as an extension to the existing wind farm of 6 wind turbines.

We consider that this will be an efficient wind farm due to the exceptional wind resource on site, capable of producing clean, green, renewable electricity and making a valuable contribution to Scotland’s renewable energy targets. The Application Site has been chosen by Abbey to locate additional wind turbines given the existing infrastructure at the Site and the wind speeds within the local area.

In April 2019 Abbey submitted a Screening and Scoping request to The Highland Council for a wind farm proposal of 5 turbines at the site in order to establish whether the development required an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).The Council confirmed that an EIA was required and the Council set out the scope of works required for the (EIA Report). In July 2019 we held a public exhibition at the Site in order to engage with the local community on the proposal and listen to feedback.

Continued survey work and extensive environmental studies have been undertaken since 2018 in order to build a thorough understanding of the site. A wealth of data and information has also been collected. The findings from this work, together with feedback from the local community and key consultees, have been considered during the design development process and will be reported in the EIA Report which will form part of our planning application which we intend to submit later this year.

Abbey is now in the final stages of design and following feedback from the public consultation and from stakeholders we have reduced the layout from 5 turbines to 2 turbines, with tip height increasing from 91m to up to 125m in order to maximise the efficiency of the site albeit from a lesser amount of wind turbines. Below are a series of ‘wireline’ images’ which show the proposed turbines against the topography of the land and in relation to existing and approved wind turbines. The planning application will include further images and also photomontages to demonstrate how the wind turbines would appear within the landscape and from selected viewpoints.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not able to exhibit the scheme in the same way as we did in 2019 and so we have written to local residents, advertised in the local newspaper and produced this website to try to gain further feedback from the local community. We appreciate that this is not ideal as it often better in our experience to discuss proposals face-to-face but the present circumstances do not allow this.

If you wish to provide comments in relation to the proposal then please do so via this website by 11th September 2020.

We will update the website as the scheme progresses.

Please note that comments made will be to the prospective applicant, not the planning authority. There will be an opportunity to submit representations to the planning authority, The Highland Council, upon submission of a planning application.

Further Public Consultation

We would welcome your feedback on this revised proposal which is now for 2 turbines as opposed to the 5 turbines which we consulted on previously. Any feedback will be considered before the planning application is submitted to The Highland Council.


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