Planning Application Submitted

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On 11th November 2020 Abbey Properties Cambridgeshire Limited submitted their planning application to The Highland Council for the development of 2 new wind turbines situated to the east of the Existing Forss Wind Farm and to the west of the site where planning permission has been granted for a further single turbine. The 2 new turbines would be located between the existing and permitted turbines.

Below are a number of links to plans, maps and documents which have been submitted to The Highland Council. This includes an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report. The Council will undertake public consultation on the proposal in due course.

Planning Application Form Link: The formal planning application paperwork.

Planning Statement Link: This statement examines the national and local planning policy context for the proposed new turbines including against the Council’s Onshire Wind Energy Supplementary Guidance. The Statement considers all of the impacts including environmental and economic considerations.

Pre-Application Consultation Report Link: This Report explains how and when the community was consulted before the planning application for the proposed turbines was submitted to The Highland Council and how we have responded to comments from by the community regarding the proposal.

EIA Report Volume 1 Text Link: This is a lengthy written document which summarises the EIA work undertaken. It examines the potential effects of the wind turbines upon the environment, wildlife and people and explains how we will seek to minimise any impacts. The document is separated into 16 topic chapters which include: landscape and visual; ornithology; ecology; archaeology and cultural heritage; traffic and transport; and noise.

EIA Report Volume 2a Figures except Chapter 6: The figures (drawings and maps) which support the written chapters of the EIA Report (excluding Chapter 6: Landscape and Visual Impact):

EIA Report Volume 2b Figures: The figures (drawings and maps) which support Chapter 6: Landscape and Visual Impact of the EIA Report.

6          Landscape and Visual Impact Figures Link

EIA Report Volume 2c Figures: The visualisations (to NatureScot requirements) which support: 

6          LVIA NS Visuals Link

EIA Report Volume 2d Figures: The visualisations (to The Highland Council requirements) which support:

6          LVIA THC Visuals Link

EIA Report Volume 4 Non-Technical Summary Link: This Summarises the application and contains the key findings from the Environmental Statement.

In line with national guidance due to Covid-19 restrictions we have not placed any hard copies of the planning documents in public viewing locations. However, the planning documents (listed above) can be viewed and/or downloaded individually, or downloaded together in ‘zipped’ files by clicking on the links below (you will need appropriate software to open the zipped files and view its contents).

In addition, hard copies of the Non-Technical Summary and electronic copies of the EIA Report are available free of charge from Abbey Properties Cambridgeshire Limited. Please contact Andy Brand via the ‘Contact’ section of this website.

The application and associated documents will be available to view once the application is registered on The Highland Council’s ePlanning portal at 


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